It's hard to imagine what was racing through this young man's mind, but his maturity must go well beyond his years.

On Sunday, a 17-year-old boy was attacked by a bear in the Wolf Creek area, about 30 miles south of Ennis, while out hunting for shed antlers near his family's cabin. It sounds like it happened so all of a sudden!

The teenager said he was walking down a hill and heard a noise behind him. When he turned to see what it was, the bear was already charging at him. He said he tried to get his pepper spray out, but there was not enough time to react. The bear pinned him up against a tree and held him there momentarily. When it let go briefly, he was able to crawl between two trees face down. That's when the bear pinned him again, but he had enough wiggle room to deploy his pepper spray to the bear's face, and it left the area.

The youngster was able to walk out and make contact with members of his family. Miraculously, his injuries are considered minor.

These stories don't usually end this way and we are happy this one did.

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