Montana is cattle country. In fact, there are nearly more cattle in Montana than people. This makes you wonder how beef prices can be so high in a state where beef is so plentiful. Not only do we have a fair number of cattle, but we are also home to many of the other ingredients it takes to put on a proper barbecue.

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Hamburger/Hot dog buns? Montana has a thriving wheat production industry

Hot dogs? With ranching, it isn't always just cows. Pigs also play a huge roll in Montana's livestock business.

matthieu-joannon via
matthieu-joannon via

Beer? Montana is no stranger to producing beer. With hundreds of microbreweries spread across the state. Not to mention, farmers raising hops and barley for giant companies like Coors and AB.

According to a recent study from Total Shape

The research, pulled together by Total Shape, is based on the current cost of grocery items - including beef, cheese, and bread - compared against the average salary in each state, to identify where people have to pay the most to purchase the same BBQ ingredients. In Montana, a 10-person BBQ will cost $142, with the most expensive item being cheese at a huge $27.93 per kg. This is 125% higher than the national average ($12.36). But this doesn’t mean that states with the highest salaries are guaranteed to be able to afford to host a party this July, as grocery prices have risen across the board this year.

Maybe it's time we fire up the grill and have a REAL Montana barbecue this summer. Find a neighbor with a freezer full of elk, bison, or venison and have a classic Montana 4th of July BBQ.

10 Best Steakhouses in Montana

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