You would think for how much we love our guns, our state would be a good spot to hold up during a zombie apocalypse. Not only do we have enough weapons to put up a fight with the un-dead, but we also have the wide open spaces and deadly weather. It seems like a good spot to be when it all goes down, right?


According to a recent study, from mathematicians in Brazil, no country in the world would survive a zombie apocalypse...Except for one...North Korea.

We may have a good pile of guns, but the researchers say that only trained military personnel will truly be able to fend off hoards of zombies. In fact the study says "a minimum of 47 soldiers per 1,000 citizens for a country to survive if the dead were to rise, only North Korea, which has 47.4 military personnel per 1,000 residents, has any sort of chance of surviving a zombie outbreak." 

Here is the U.S.A. we have roughly 4.2 soldiers per 1,000 citizens.

The researchers suggest that you prepare properly for the zombies, by "watching one's diet, engaging in sports and physical exercise, and taking courses in self-defense."

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