Yet another survey where being first means being the worst.

Safewise has been combing through statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and has learned that Montana leads the entire nation in traffic deaths due to impaired driving.

Community Manager at Safewise dot com, Suzi Brzezinski said on Monday that with the Labor Day weekend approaching, her organization is reaching out to the states with the worst records of impaired driving with a potentially lifesaving offer.

More on that in a moment.

“Safewise used numbers from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to report the number of impaired driving deaths in each state,” said Brzezinski. “We then compared those to the states with the highest impaired traffic deaths per capita. Montana had the highest rate of impaired traffic deaths in the nation with 9.15 deaths per 100,000 residents according to the most recent NHTSA numbers, so you guys topped the list, unfortunately.”

Brzezinski said the Safewise organization is offering free rides home via Lyft over the Labor Day weekend.

“Safewise is actually offering a free Lyft ride home to residents within the state with the highest rates of impaired driving deaths in the nation,” she said. “To sign up in advance, go to our website at Safewise dot com and look for the page ‘Safewise for Safe Rides Home’. Then on Friday morning we’ll email you a free code that you can use anytime for a $10 Lyft credit, but we definitely hope you’ll use it over the Labor Day weekend.”

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