Bringing in hundreds or thousands of people into one space is a pretty rough prospect right now, and as a result, so many of the events we were looking forward to this summer have been cancelled. MontanaFair in Yellowstone isn't going so far to cancel the entire thing... BUT they are taking away a lot of the fair's biggest selling points.

Officials announced last week that all major concerts, the rodeo, and supercross events have been cancelled for the year - they had originally been planned to take place at the indoor First Interstate Arena, but the space was needed for 4H and FFA livestock. According to an email from Bill Dutcher of MetraPark, "Putting animals in the arena removed any opportunity for these popular shows."

Obviously, this is a bummer for a lot of people, but it's hardly a surprise - just about EVERYTHING has been cancelled or changed in way or another. I think the more surprising thing is that the reason it was cancelled was for keeping the animals in the arena instead of social distancing reasons.

Refunds will be given beginning today, June 22nd, and the fair is still scheduled to move forward as planned on August 7th. Will you be checking it out?

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