A while back, I talked about how the Billings area had, in my opinion, the best waterpark in the state; Big Splash Waterpark. I'm still bitter about its closure, especially when it seemed like they would never close because of its popularity. However, I wanted to know which waterpark in Montana was king now. And, I think I found it.

Check out the largest waterpark in Montana!

This is Big Sky Waterpark in Colombia Falls, Montana. Opened in 1983, the park features a staggering 10 waterslides, as well as miniature golf, bumper cars, a climbing wall, and water balloon battles. It doesn't seem to have a shortage of activities for those wanting to enjoy the water with their family.

If that's not awesome enough, the park features barbecue grills that are able to be used by anyone in the park. So, if the concessions they offer don't appeal to you, you can bring your own food to the park and cook a beautiful picnic. How awesome is that?

I'm interested! Do they have price packages?

According to its website, Big Sky Waterpark offers full-day pricing, value passes, and season passes. They also offer discounts to large groups as well as area rentals for parties. Other attractions have their own pricing on the website as well. Keep in mind as well that some attractions may not have proper staffing on some days, so not everything is guaranteed to be open.

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If this massive waterpark interests you, check out their Facebook page. They post constant updates about the park, whether they're open or closed due to weather, and season pass sales. If you're ever in the Northwest part of Big Sky Country, give Big Sky Waterpark a look. You may be floored by its massive size.

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