NOW I understand why I've been seeing so many social media posts inquiring about local farm eggs. The grocery store shelves are often nearly empty, and the eggs that are available are a lot more expensive than they were just a few months ago.

This is the sign that greets customers at a local Bozeman grocery store these days. I should have taken a picture of the nearly empty cooler shelves but the place was slammed, me. There weren't many options.

Michelle Wolfe
Michelle Wolfe

We've got ourselves an egg shortage, friends. I don't why there's a "higher demand" than normal, but a few grocery stores are indeed limiting purchases to just 2 packages per person. (I suppose that explains why there were ZERO larger cartons with 18 eggs or the flats that hold a lot more.)

According to InsideFMGC, this egg shortage has been getting worse in the last several weeks and the United States isn't the only country having the problem. Why is this happening?

The current egg shortage is attributed to the shift toward free-range eggs, rising production costs, poor weather conditions, and the pandemic – as farmers reduced their flocks during the lockdown.

On paper that makes sense, but even during lockdown, didn't everyone stay home, learn to cook, and get fat because they ate a lot more? I'm no farming expert but it seems like reducing your flocks when people are doing nothing but eating is weird. But I digress...

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According to Forbes, the price of eggs shot up to $2.94 for a dozen, from $1.64 last July (prices from the Bureau of Labor Statistics). The decent news is that there are many sellers of fresh farm eggs across southwest Montana AND they're not much more expensive than current prices in the grocery store.

WHO SELLS EGGS NEAR ME? (Facebook Group)

This might be a great time to start supporting your local chicken farmer. A quick search on Facebook or a trip to your local farmer's market will connect you with those who sell farm fresh eggs by the dozen. They're more expensive but they're also WAY BETTER than any store bought brand. Be prepared to pay anywhere from $4 to $7 a dozen.

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