I don't know what it is about Food Network, but it is almost worse than the Discovery Channel. Why? Do you remember, long before streaming, when we would flip through all the channels on TV? Do you remember flipping to Discovery Channel and (no matter what the topic of the show was) would find yourself watching for hours?

For me, that happens anytime I stumble upon Food shows. I am fascinated by the shows that give you a real behind-the-scenes look at commercial kitchens. The chaos and the human circus that it takes to make elegant food.


Every so often a Montana restaurant will spring up as one of the topics of a popular food show. We have seen plenty of Montana restaurants featured on the Food Network.

Every Montana Restaurant That Has Been Featured on Food Network

It's always awesome to see something from your hometown or state on TV. When Food Network comes to town, Montanans are ready. These restaurants have been featured.

Gallery Credit: Jesse James

What is Montana's MOST FAMOUS Restaurant?

One of Montana's most famous restaurants is an elegant Italian restaurant located in the heart of our State Capitol.

According to a list of "Most Famous Restaurants in America" from Love Food, Montana's "Most Famous" is Lucca's in Helena.


According to Love Food

Often cited as the state's best restaurant, period, Lucca's is something of a Montana legend, promising punters that 'when you come to Lucca's you're not eating out – you're dining out'. There are impeccably executed Italian classics on the menu – think calamari fritti, veal scallopini, and tiramisu . But it's their humble baked ziti dish, with crispy pancetta, tomato, and three cheeses that's a must-try.

For anyone interested in trying Montana's "Most Famous Restaurant," Lucca's is located at 56 N Last Chance Gulch in Helena.

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