There's no doubt that our weather has been a bit crazy this year. Up until a few weeks ago, it seemed that everybody was complaining about how unpredictable the day-to-day temperatures could be. And I have to admit, having one day at 82 degrees and following it up with a high of 57 the next was making me wonder if summer would ever find its stride. Well, we finally made it to 90-degree days and before we know it summer will fly by and come to an end.

Only one can be the best of the bunch

As I check the weather app on my phone it says the next 9 days are all above 90. That might be a little too toasty for some and just fine for others. It also brings up a good question. What exactly is the perfect day of weather? The answer would obviously vary from person to person so we'll just have to go with what the computer algorithms are telling us. That's right, the numbers have been crunched, and get ready friends because this week will bring us the most 'perfect day of the year.'

The website for Family Destinations Guide has laid out the most 'perfect day of the year' for each state based on what they say is 36 years' worth of data. Different factors will see states experience their perfect days at various times, Vermont had theirs on July 3 and Hawaii isn't until late August.

Montana's most 'perfect day of the year' will be on July 20

According to, Montana's big day is happening on Wednesday:

In Montana, the most perfect day will be on July 20th this year. This date is an average of the following data: the date with the most predicted sunshine - July 7th; the date with the best temperature - September 1st; and finally, the longest day of the year - June 21st.

We're in the presence of perfection

With most of the week having temperatures in the low to mid-90s, will you be able to tell much of a difference between Wednesday and any other day of the week? Probably not. But feel free to walk around with a little extra pep in your step knowing that we're enjoying the best of the bunch when it comes to our days of the year.

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