Some dads enjoy putting on an apron and spending an entire day cooking various types of meat over hot coals. For me, it is all about the "slow and low" process that makes a good BBQ so much fun. Spending all day pretending that you are painstakingly cooking. When you are actually just checking a gauge in between cold beers. Honestly, it can be kind of tedious. Not to mention the huge mess you got to clean up when it is all said and done.  If you want to enjoy a scrumptious pig roast this Dad's Day weekend without having to cook or clean up, be at Bayern Brewing. Its all the things that make BBQ fun. Except you don't have to check a gauge, just focus on the beer part and the eating part.

Celebrate Dad this Sunday by buying him a plate of bbq and a beer from Bayern Brewing.

Starting at 1 pm on Sunday 6/18, Bayern is going to start dishing out plates from a whole hog cookout. Not to mention the always delicious and authentic German potato salad and sauerkraut.

Get Dad a plate for $16 and the 1st beer is on the house. What better way to show your appreciation to your "ol'man?"

Bayern Brewing has some great seasonals out now. Including their always-popular Dump Truck. The perfect beer for a hot summer day. Or maybe try a cold glass of the Bayern Celebration Pilsner. Cool, crisp, and refreshing. Either of these two choices along with their year-round favorites would be perfect to wash down a plate of pork and tater salad.

This Father's Day, let us raise a glass to Dad!

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