Well if it there is one industry that boomed during the pandemic, it is the alcohol industry. With the lockdown and people continuing to work from home, alcohol sales went through the roof in 2020. Montana is the home to hundreds of breweries. It is almost like there are as many breweries as there is churches and casinos in the Treasure State. But, Montana is also making a name for itself in the liquor business.

With access to all the grains and ingredients necessary for a good whisky, or even a good gin or vodka, Montana is an ideal spot for liquor production. Missoula has the Montgomery Distillery, Lolo has Lolo Creek Distillery and now Stevensville has the Montana Distillery. But, wait, I thought Montana Distillery was located in Missoula?

According to KPAX

For five years, Hlebichuk owned and operated the Montana Distillery at 631 Woody Street in downtown Missoula, but over time, financial roadblocks urged him to move on.

First, the property value increased, causing the property tax to do the same. Then, the pandemic hit, creating uncertainty for the already struggling establishment.

So, Montana Distillery packed up and moved down the Bitterroot. Someplace with less taxes, but thirsty residents. On Christmas Eve of 2020, Montana Distillery opened up in the heart of Stevensville. Located just across Main street from the popular Valley Drug.

According to KPAX

Stevensville offered Hlebichuk the chance to scale down his operation and reconnect with Ravalli County customers.

Relocating during the pandemic seemed like a risky move, but staying in Missoula may have been an even bigger risk. So far customers are not only local, but others have travelled from all over to see the new location at 305 Main St in Stevensville.

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