I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day Weekend. I spent mine in the middle of the state chasing after the elusive Elk that live in the Castle Mountains. Nearby my hunting camp is a little town called Checkerboard. It has been a place I have called home for almost my entire life. The year round population of this lil town is a whopping 13 people. The Bar is the focal point of the town. It is where all the locals get their mail, groceries and favorite beverages. Each year The Bar hosts a Labor Day Parade. You can imagine that in a town that small that the parade cant be much to look at. It is tiny. The parade consisted of people dressing their atvs up to look like floats, people wearing Halloween costumes and even a grand Marshall. The parade route was what cracked me up the most. The town has 1 gas pump and the parade made 3 laps around the gas pump before everyone parked their floats and cracked open a beer. Only in Montana!!!!

I couldnt find my camera during the parade but the pictures I do have give you an idea of how much of a "podunk" town it is.


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