That's right, friends, ANY excuse to show off holding the biggest lake trout I ever caught, I'm on it!

And since it came out of Flathead Lake, it ties in nicely with what is happening on Saturday, February 13, in conjunction with the indoor boat show and sale that is still going on in Missoula. By the way, this one was caught using a dead bait setup on a warm mid-August day, in somewhere between 100 and 125 feet of water. Jigging much deeper than that and trolling are typical techniques as well when going after those big lake trout. And they are plentiful in Flathead Lake.

Bretz RV and Marine and Gull Boats and RV of Missoula have opened both their showrooms to host a combined event. More boats, more displays and two dealers mean better deals for you. The big indoor show and sale continues through Monday, February 15.

One of the featured events that we think you anglers will enjoy will be held out at Bretz RV and Marine, 4800 Grant Creek Road. Scott Bombard, a noted angler on Flathead Lake and other bodies of water, will be conducting two free fishing seminars at Bretz RV and Marine. Scott will be giving his expert tips and tricks on how to fish for lake trout on Flathead Lake. Scott will also cover techniques for catching whitefish, smallmouth bass and perch, so it's an opportunity to get insight on a number of popular fishing activities.

The free seminars will be held at Bretz this Saturday at 11:00 a.m. and again at 1:00 p.m.  We hope you can brave the cold and get excited about future fishing opportunities!


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