Everything shut down right before St. Patrick's Day in Missoula last year, meaning that pretty much all events celebrating the holiday just weren't able to happen. A year later, we're a little bit better off, the vaccine is getting out to more and more people, and that means that a few places around town will be able to due their usual celebrations (almost certainly having to follow social distancing guidelines, of course).

That could mean that more people will be out drinking and driving, and so it's good to remember that more Missoula police will be out looking for people driving under the influence. You don't want to create a danger for yourself or anyone else, so if you're going to be out and drinking, make sure to find a safe way home that doesn't put you behind the wheel.

It feels like this year could go one of two ways - on the one hand, there will definitely be less to do than a normal year's St. Patrick's Day, so people could decide to stay home or hang with friends. On the other hand, people could have a lot of pent-up partying in their system from not getting to do anything last year, and may not want to let another St. Patrick's Day pass by. Either way, driving drunk should never be an option. Find a designated driver for whatever it is you're doing, and you'll have nothing to worry about.

Will you be out celebrating St. Patrick's Day this year?

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