This probably falls under the category of, "whatever, dude" for most Montanans, but we thought it might get a little better score than this.

The University of Montana Big Sky Poll asked respondents if they could name Montana's highest natural point. Do you know? Well, it's Granite Peak, located in the Beartooth Mountains in south-central Montana. At 12,799 feet, Granite Peak is the 10th highest on the list of high points in the U.S.  It's also considered one of the most difficult to summit.

Only 21.8% of those surveyed were able to come up with the correct answer. But 2.5% guessed Beartooth Mountains, so maybe we ought to give them half-credit. Other popular answers - and pretty good ones, really - were Trapper Peak in the Bitterroot Mountains (10,157 feet) and Mount Cleveland in Glacier National Park (10,479 feet).

If you knew the answer, then climb to the top of the hill!


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