The death of the legendary Lemmy Kilmister is still fresh in our hearts. As hard as it is to believe a guy like Lemmy could ever die, it's crazy to think it wasn't too long ago that Motorhead were on the road, putting on their classic, ear-piercing live shows for captivated audiences across the world.

The silver lining in this story is the fact that nearly a month before Lemmy died, Motorhead captured a couple of their final shows as a band at the Zenith in Munich, Germany. In fact, these gigs are now the last-ever professionally recorded Motorhead concerts -- and they've been preserved in the massive new live album, Clean Your Clock. (Read our review here.)

While Clean Your Clock is available in a number of formats -- including standalone CD, CD/DVD, Blu-ray/CD and double-LP versions -- we are most excited for the limited edition box set released by UDR Music. Check out our complete unboxing of this set in the video above and photo gallery below.

Essentially, the limited edition box set combines all of the different versions of Clean Your Clock into one beautiful collection, all housed in a heavy-duty box that looks perfect on any shelf. As soon as you open the box, you're presented with the double-LP, wrapped in a plastic sleeve and housed in a slip jacket. When you open the gatefold, you'll be blown away by the awesome 3D pop-up art that UDR created; we've spun a lot of different records over the years, and this is the first time we've ever seen something like this. In addition to the pop-up that features Lemmy, Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee rocking onstage, both records are pressed on silver wax and housed in high-quality sleeves featuring gorgeous photography.

Beneath the double-LP, the set boasts the Blu-ray disc for Clean Your Clock, as well as the CD/DVD combo (and yes, the CD features mini pop-up art, too!). Though smaller than the LP, the CD features a beautiful booklet packed with photos from the Zenith concerts.

On top of all of the great music and visuals found in the set, UDR gives fans a limited edition metal pin that reads, "Motorhead Forever," commemorating their 40th anniversary as a band. There is no question that this unique pin should find a place on your bag or jacket immediately.

As we continue to come to terms with the fact that Lemmy is no longer on this earth, we are fortunate to be able to relive one of Motorhead's last shows, upheld in this amazing box set that fans will cherish forever. You can find more details on the limited edition box set of Clean Your Clock at this location or you can pre-order the box set at Amazon.

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