Every once in a while, I think to myself - "You know what? I bet I'd be pretty good at The Amazing Race. I love solving clues and learning about things."

And then I remember, "Oh, wait a minute. I have a terrible sense of direction and never know where I am at any given time. That could be a problem."

But maybe if I was running around a city that I already knew pretty well, that might increase my odds? Well, looks like now I've got my chance.

Mountain Line Will Celebrate Earth Week With an "Amazing Race" Style Competition

To celebrate Earth Week, Mountain Line is encouraging Missoulians to get on their bus route and do a competition in the vein of The Amazing Race.

They're calling it "Route Race," and it kicks off on Monday, April 18th. You'll get your first clue from Mountain Line's website at 8 AM, which will take you to a local business that will be your first check-in location. There, you'll scan a QR code in the window which will check you in, and you'll get another clue to find the next one.

There will be five check-in spots in total, and if you want to win the grand prize, you'll need to check in to all 5 spots by 11:59 PM on Saturday, April 23rd. Then, you'll be entered to win prizes that include:

- a $25 Downtown Missoula gift card

- a Western Montana Fair t-shirt, poster, and a GA ticket to a fair event of your choice

- a 1-year membership to Run Wild Missoula

- a Rockin' Rudy's Hydro Flask

- a five-punch pass to the Roxy Theater

- Mountain Line swag

Think you have what it takes to win The Amazing Race, Missoula style?

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