Just as the summer sun starts to show and the need to get outdoors has hit it's peak, some psychopath has got to try and ruin it for everyone. Just this past week, word was starting to circulate around the Stevensville community of dogs being poisoned. Just the mere mention of this within ear shot of my 7 year old son, sent him into a panic. Someone is trying to kill dogs, which is basically like trying to kill members of the family. It is enough to strike fear into not just the kids, but the entire community.

According to NBC Montana

The Ravalli County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents to keep an eye out for their pets. Deputies are currently investigating several reported dog poisonings in the northeast corner of the county.

Along with keeping a close eye on dogs, Holton asked residents to be on the lookout for suspicious activity such as people tossing something over a fence or leaving something at a property.

Courtney Ferguson, a resident in the Lone Rock area of Stevensville, turned to Facebook to share her story of how a similar incident happened to one of her family pets. Her husband, a veterinarian, is still trying to save the dogs life.

If anyone sees any suspicious activity or has any information about the poisonings, please contact the Ravalli County Sheriff's Department at 406-375-4060

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