What mothers won't do for their sons! There have been a fair share of parental figures who've turned up at their kids shows over the years, often introducing the band, but supreme metal props go out to the mother of Municipal Waste drummer Dave Witte who took things to a new level by stage diving mid-song during a recent performance in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

Yes, you heard that right. Footage has surfaced from the band's Dec. 6 performance at the House of Independents where Witte's mother makes her way onto the stage in the middle of the mayhem and mid-song decided to leap face forward into the crowd. She's then surfed back a few rows of people before being carefully lowered back to the ground.

There's even an audible "Oh shit" reaction coming from one of the band members after the completion of the song, with the audience then erupting into chants of "Dave's Mom! Dave's Mom!"

In the video below from Mind Decay Productions, you can see Witte's mother making her way onto the stage at about the :20 second mark, then dancing around, turning to her son during the performance and then catching the eye of some fans in the crowd, seemingly first considering going into the audience before later committing to the idea and taking the leap. Take that, Iggy Pop!

After the show, guitarist Ryan Waste commented via Instagram, "Dave Witte’s Mom stole the show last nite. She yelled in my ear 'Ryan, do fuck you up for me, play me out' with such confidence and swagger as she proceeded to jump off the stage. It was her show and my favorite of the tour so far. Respect to the Witte family and Asbury Park, NJ." Several other photos shared by the band from the show can be seen below via their Instagram.


Municipal Waste are currently in the home stretch of their co-headline tour with High on Fire, set to play Virginia Beach tonight (Dec. 8) with shows in Greenville, N.C. (Dec. 9), Columbia, S.C. (Dec. 10) and Tampa, Fla. (Dec. 11) to finish out the run. The group is supporting their 2022 album, Electrified Brain.

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