I don’t know about you, but work and just life in general can really get to me sometimes. It seems like this happens in the summer for me. I think it’s because everyone else goes on vacation, so that makes more work for me. This undoubtedly causes more stress than usual.

Over the past decade of working, I have found a few ways that help me to destress. Some of these can be done at work, but others you may get in trouble for doing them at work. Most all of them you can do at home and they all cost little or no money.

The next time you feel life getting you down or the walls closing in on you, give one or two of these a try and see if they help you feel better.

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    Drink up

    Nothing makes me feel better than having a glass of wine or a hot cup of Joe with my best friend. Sitting down and letting everything out and knowing that person sitting across from me is listening and cares.

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    Treat myself

    The nice thing about this destresser is that I can do this one at work. I have a favorite chocolate bar that magically manages to melt my stress away. I don’t even have to eat the whole thing. Just a couple squares of my chocolate, slowly savored helps me calm down and refocus.

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    Get some fresh air

    I have found that just getting outside, breathing in the fresh air and taking in the scenery helps me to get rid of whatever I can’t stop focusing on. Even just sitting in a chair and soaking up the sun works.

  • Run for it

    I love running. It helps clear my mind from the day. I have an office job, so running lets me get rid of all my pent up energy. Wearing my body out helps to refresh my mind. You don’t have to run, I’ve found that any form of exercise will do the trick.

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    No I don’t mean dance. You know what I’m talking about. It takes two do this. I find that focusing on someone else and their needs helps me to forget about whatever has been bothering me. Plus, it’s kind of fun too

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