I have always been a fan of winter. I enjoy winter sports far more than summer. Call me crazy, but there is something about the blanket of snow that makes everything feel like one big children's ball pit.

The one thing I can't stand about winter...Getting STUCK!. As we have all learned a time or two, driving in snow is not simple. It involves a skill that we in the west have mastered. But, when you find yourself venturing into the wilderness for some playtime in the snow, the chances of getting stuck escalate.

I recently went on a winter adventure. Taking some snowmobiles out for a little fun in the powder. My only problem was my vehicles tires are not the best for mountain roads. On top of towing a trailer full of "sleds," I found myself getting sucked into the biggest drifts I could find. Thankfully, I had my brother with me to constantly pull me out.

It didn't ruin my trip, but was not comfortable. Everytime I would get stuck I would stress that I was going to have to spend the night. It is stressful.

If you find yourself off the beaten path. Never leave without winter survival items like blankets. But also make sure to bring a shovel, tire chains and a tow rope. It is also extremely important to never travel alone.

Take it from the farmers in the following song. Which can pretty much sum up how I spent my weekend.

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