The quickest way to a persons heart is through their stomach. I truly believe that to be true. Actually, I feel I would definitely still be single now, if i didn't know my way around the kitchen as well as I do. But, not everyone wants to cook something for their sweetheart on Valentines Day. Let alone want to do the dishes afterwards. So it time to start thinking about were to take your sweetheart this weekend. Thankfully, I have a couple places.

Now, more than ever, it is important that we join together to make an effort to eat local. Local restaurants have been struggle for almost an entire year now. It is our job and a community to support them and lift them back up. That is why my top 3 picks are all locally owned and operated places, and they are offering up some mouthwatering deals.

1) Second Set Bistro

Second set bistro is not only an impressive place to take your date. But, is also just an all around "cool" place to eat. They treat their food like a musician making music. They are true artists of their craft. This Valentines Day, Second Set is hooking up an amazing 5 course meal for $100.

2) Lolo Creek Steakhouse

Let's face it. You can never go wrong with the tried and true method of cooking over an open fire. We have been doing in for thousands of years. And that method of cooking is what made Lolo Creek Steakhouse so popular. Not to mention their seafood and over all atmosphere. They are offering up a Valentines Day special that features a "Montana Pound" of king crab legs. What does a "Montana Pound" measure out to be? My guess is it is a GENEROUS portion of crab.

3) Up N Smokin BBQ House (Stevensville)

Just this past summer, the Up N Smokin BBQ House moved locations from Phillipsburg to Stevensville. Since they took over their new spot on Main St in Stevensville, the reviews have been amazing. Brett is a master of the craft of BBQ, as well as thinking outside of the box, with some killer specials. The Up N Smokin team has put together an amazing special at an affordable price.

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