The Foo Fighters won four Grammy's Sunday and made the rock 'n' roll community proud. Thinking about their latest album, made me think about my favorite albums of last year.

Taking a look back at the rock and metal scene for 2011, there were many monumental records released over the last year. After all, what better way to start off the new year than to celebrate the best of the last one?

I've been a huge rock and metal fan for seven years and concerts are like heaven for me. I feel like the best bands out there capture a great live show energy while recording and I think these albums were amazing in that aspect. I thought this was a great year for the hard rock and metal scene, so that is what I focused on. Anyway, here are my top five favorite albums of 2011:


#5- Black Tide "Post Mortem"- This young Floridian metal group took a big step forward with their second release. In my opinion, they are one of the most exciting up and coming metal acts around. This is a band of youngsters who are maturing right in front of our eyes. Check out the tracks That Fire, Walking Dead Man and Bury Me.

#4- Foo Fighters "Wasting Light"- No one can stop the musical genius that is Dave Grohl. The man continues his reign in the music world with this amazing album packed with energy. Being a hard rock and metal fan myself, the Foo Fighters please the hardcore fans with infectious riffs laden with crunchy distortion. Grohl also delivers a great vocal performance, making listeners want to freak out. Excellent album overall and the band definitely did not disappoint. My faves from this album are Walk, Rope and Arlandria.

#3- Megadeth "Th1rt3en"- Dave Mustaine strikes again with some of his best music yet. Metalheads can rejoice as the band stays authentic but changes it up a bit. You get the riffing ownage you've come to expect with solos galore. Bassist Dave Ellefson also returns to give this album more of an old school feel. The album starts off with one of my favorite tracks, Sudden Death and keeps hitting hard with my other favorites, Public Enemy No. 1 and Black Swan.

#2- Five Finger Death Punch "American Capitalist"- The boys of FFDP have done it again. After the huge success of War Is The Answer, this record follows it up perfectly. It is beastly heavy at times while being heavy-hearted at others. The track Remember Everything is genius, I dare you to listen to it and not cry. Well maybe that was just me... Anyway, definitely check this amazing album out, my favorites are Back For More, The Pride and Remember Everything.

#1- Trivium "In Waves"- A monumental release from one of today's leaders in metal. Heavy yet melodic riffs explode as vocals soar and crash down. The two guitarists shred seemlessly together while the bass and the drums hammer the beat home. Trivium is one of the best at being brutally heavy yet slowing it down to a mellow pace at times, making for a wide range of music sonically. The band welcomed a new drummer and yet never skipped a beat. In my opinion this is their best to date.


I'm looking forward to 2012's music scene and seeing how much Angel loves Dave, now I really want to meet him!!! Perhaps this is the year to do it!

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