There must be something about Phish‘s music that makes people think they can, like, fly, man. Roughly two years after a fan leaped from the balcony during a Long Island show, the band’s concert on Sunday, July 8, was interrupted when a naked 19-year-old girl climbed up a light pole and fell 25 feet to the ground.

The incident — which ended in a few broken bones for the climber — capped a weekend of wacky hijinks during the band’s three-night stand at New York’s Saratoga Performing Arts Center. As Spinner reports, police arrested more than 50 concertgoers over the weekend, confiscating “cocaine, heroin, LSD, Ecstacy, hallucinogenic mushrooms, hash, marijuana, nitrous oxide, bath salts, guns and cash.”

The injury and arrests added an unfortunate coda to the Saratoga Springs shows, which marked the end of the band’s monthlong summer tour — and will reportedly be the only Phish dates of 2012. Perhaps they can use their time off the road to work on their next album, the first since 2009′s reunion release ‘Joy.’

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