Sometimes the best destinations are the ones that take a bit of effort to get to.

Montana is known for its wilderness, forests, and endless other natural wonders. Some of these natural wonders are easy to reach, and some are a journey. You never know how incredible something might be until you venture out there.

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Espresso made a list of the Most Beautiful Natural Wonder in Every State, and the pick for Montana is not only somewhere hidden, but many locals don't even know it exists. Montana's most beautiful natural wonder is The Chinese Wall

Pilot Getaways via YouTube
Pilot Getaways via YouTube

If you have never heard of The Chinese Wall in Montana, don't be surprised. This geological oddity exists deep in the Bob Marshall Wilderness in Western Montana. The rock formation is part of the Continental Divide and is over twenty miles long. It looks like a giant wall in the middle of a forest. 

The reason why most folks don't know about The Chinese Wall is because of its location. The Bob Marshall Wilderness is right in between three mountain ranges and is difficult to visit. The only ways to get there are to hike for days or travel by horseback. 

The Bob Marshall Wilderness and the area where The Chinese Wall exists is one of the most well-preserved mountain ranges in all of the United States. It's nothing but you, wildlife, and nature. 

When I was in college, I took a geology class and did a whole project on The Chinese Wall and how it came to exist. My geology professor in Idaho didn't even know this existed in Montana. 

The Chinese Wall takes a trek to see in person, but if you are a fan of camping or hiking, this is a bucket list trip you won't regret. 

For more details, check out Espresso

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