The Navy SEAL who put three bullets into Osama Bin Laden's forehead during the 2011 special forces operation in Pakistan is reportedly from Butte, Montana.

The man's name is Robert O'Neill and he will explain why he has decided to reveal his identity on upcoming interviews with FOX News, scheduled to air next week on November 11th and 12th.

According to UK website the Daily Mail:

O'Neill grew up in Butte, Montana, a former copper mining boomtown that has now fallen on hard times.



Rob O'Neill's Twitter account also shows a photo of him in a "Butte Vs. Everybody" t-shirt, as well as him in front of one of Butte's iconic headframes. The photos have sparked further belief that the man who eliminated our country's most wanted enemy, is in fact, from Butte.

According to reports, O'Neill is also one of the SEAL's responsible for the rescue of Captain Richard Phillips from Somali pirates. The rescue was featured in the Tom Hanks film 'Captain Phillips'.

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