Job seekers in the Missoula area are in luck, there are a lot of opportunities available. J.R. Strand with the Missoula Job Service explains.

“There has been about a 180 degree flip flop here in the last year and a half or so,” Strand said. “It is just crazy. We have more jobs posted at the job service than we have had in a long time. With the unemployment rate so low, we have seen a total decrease in the number of people looking for work. We are getting these calls from our employers saying, ‘how come no one is applying for our jobs?’”

The number of available jobs is near an all-time record high.

“We had 968 on our job board yesterday for Missoula,” Strand said. “We dropped to 89 jobs in the winter in 2013 or 2014, somewhere in that range. I would say in the old days it was normally 200 to 250 and once in a while we would hit 300. I have been there 10 and a half years and I remember the first time it went up over 500 and I thought, wow we have a lot of jobs.”

This coming Tuesday, the 17th, the Missoula Job Fair will be at the Hilton Garden Inn on North Reserve. Doors open at 2:30 for Veterans and their families and at 3:00 for the general public. There are 90 different employers attending the Job Fair and Strand says they maxed out the number of booths this year.

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