When I was young we lived on a piece of property that was about 5 acres. I wouldn't say it was out in the country, but it was definitely more country than the rest of the town we lived in. One morning, we found a big ol' deer antler laying out in our yard. As a kid that didn't come from a hunting family, it was a pretty cool find since we would see deer out in the field but never inside our fenced yard so close to the house. I can't remember how many points it had, but the buck must have been a pretty decent size based on the antler it left behind. My stepdad thought we hit the jackpot! He was pretty sure that people would be tripping over themselves to outbid each other in their quest to purchase the antler to make knife handles and aphrodisiacs. Needless to say, it wasn't quite the in-demand item he thought it was going to be. But hey, $50 is $50!

The state is required to sell all the parts from confiscated animals

That story was the first thing I thought of when I saw the details about an upcoming auction that will be held by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks. Up for grabs will be a collection of items that are leftover from animals that were mostly confiscated after poaching incidents. I didn't know this - but the FWP website says: "Montana statute requires FWP to sell seized items at public auction. This includes all birds, animals, fish, heads, hides, teeth or other parts of any animal other than a grizzly bear. When a carcass is confiscated, FWP donates the meat to a charitable organization and removes the antlers to be sold at auction."

Need to add to your collection?

The auctions don't happen very often. The last one actually took place in 2017. So if you need your fix of antlers, horns, hides, and skulls - from elk, moose, deer, bear, and more - you might want to check out the details.

The Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Auction of Antlers, Hides, and Horns
The National Auction House - 3625 South 56th Street West in Billings.
Doors open at 9 AM for inspection
Auction begins at 11 AM

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