You like chocolate? Ok, there are stores for that. You like coffee? Yep, there's stores for that too. You like sandwiches? You guessed it, there's places for that. But if you like all three of those things and want to get them all in one place? Well guess what - now there's a store for that!

A new shop just opened up in downtown Missoula called Ducrey Chocolate Maker, located on Front Street on the street level of the ROAM Student Housing Building. The new restaurant was profiled in the Missoulian, which described their process of making "bean to bar" chocolate from beans they sourced in Peru. They're also serving organic nitro coffee and baguette sandwiches with bread from Morning Birds Bakery in Missoula.

Of course, opening a restaurant, especially in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic, is a tricky proposition, but the place sounds great, and owner Claudia Ducrey Giordano expects Front Street to be busy with people once the Missoula Public Library opens its new location. They've got plans for homemade hot chocolate and a special item made from huckleberries in the near future.

Have you stopped by Decrey Chocolate Maker yet? What's your take on their location?

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