One of the things I've seen mentioned quite a few times on our station's social media pages is the lack of places around Missoula where kids can hang out. I'm talking about the types of places where parents feel comfortable that their kids can spend time in a safe environment. The most recent mentions of concern were when The Hub announced that they would be closing down. That closure, coupled with Flying Squirrel shutting down months earlier, had a few parents voicing their thoughts about the shrinking number of entertainment options in town. I remember one comment specifically saying there wasn't much to start with, and if things keep closing, eventually there won't be anything for kids to do around Missoula. I don't know if I would go quite that far with it, but the good news is there's a new spot in town that will give both teens and those over 18 a new place to hang.

The details are vague but a brief mention in a Missoulian article says Legacy Lounge is, "a new alcohol-free dance venue for Missoula teens and an after-hours venue for people over age 18." There isn't much more for information except that it'll be located at 529 Higgins.

I tried to poke around a bit but wasn't able to find out much more about the place. I did see there was a company named Legacy Lounge LLC with a matching address but not much else when it came to details. A Facebook page for Legacy Lounge looks like it was created in early October and only has a limited number of posts so far. The most telling find was a post made by what seemed to be the owner talking about how when they were a teenager they would frequent a dance club for teens. They said they hope the Legacy Lounge will be a similar place to, "dance, feel accepted, and navigate the teenage experience."

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The first event held at the Legacy Lounge was a Halloween party last weekend and the Facebook post I saw said there will be weekly teen events to follow. You can follow Legacy Lounge on Facebook if you want to stay connected to future events.

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