The Montana HOME Investment Partnerships Program is pumping $610,000 into the Missoula Housing Authority so they can develop the Dakota Place Apartments.

"The Missoula Housing Authority just received an award to construct new construction of six units, low income apartment complex," Community Grant Bureau Chief Jennifer Olson said. "The construction and everything will take about 11 months to complete. They'll start sometime if not late spring by early summer."

Olson described the population the low-income apartments are designed to serve.

"So when I say low income, that is defined as 80 percent of the city of Missoula's area median income, so you're serving actually quite a large number of people that would fall into that category," Olson said. "This housing, however, is specifically prioritizing to those people dealing with a mental illness."

One of the most important aspects of the apartments for those with mental illness is the location, which will be just down the block from the Western Montana Mental Health Center.

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