Are you an aspiring metal musician in Missoula, or possibly new to the area looking for a rad band to join? Well, look no further.

While perusing Facebook this afternoon I came across a sponsored post from "Missoula Metal Band." This page/person is looking for some Missoula Metal Heads to join his new project like it was an ad in the recycler via 1981.

The Facebook ad reads:

Hey, I'm Jacob. I'm looking for a drummer and rhythm guitarist to help turn my solo project into a gig-ready 4-piece band. -Missoula Metal Band Facebook
Now being that I too am a Metal Head, and am always down to support our community, of course, I had to know more, and see if this guy actually had the chops. I reached out to Jacob. In normal Metal fashion, he was a super nice guy. Here is some important information to know about this project before applying.
Minimum age:  21 (open to men/women/however you identify. Just have to be able to play and be 21. Like I said, he's a good dude.)
Who is Jacob looking for:  Drummer and Rhythm Guitarist.
Inspirational bands/sounds: Static-X, Powerman 5000, Drowning Pool, and Slipknot
Is this band super serious or kind of a get-together and drink beer after work band?
Realistically, this is probably a "for fun" thing, and I'd be ok with that, but I'm heavily invested in this project and am willing to take it is far as I can -Jacob
There is no name set for the band.  Hopefully, if you are chosen you can help Jacob come up with something totally bitchin.
You can get ahold of Jacob via his Missoula Metal Band Facebook HERE.
If you would like a sample of his talents and sound check this track below!

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