Zimorino's Red Pies Over Montana suddenly closed recently without any advance notice - so if you've been distraught and wondering what's going to take its place, I've got some good news. Get ready for more pizza!

New owners have taken over and a new restaurant will take the spot, going by the name Headies Brick Oven Pizza. Headies appears to have a desire to create an authentic Italian experience - they're importing their food products from Italy and from top-level East Coast distributors (as a guy who moved here from New York, that makes me very happy).

They look to be going to extremes to deliver the best possible pizza - they even sent the co-manager and master chef to pizza school in New York to learn from the best.

They've been renovating the building over the last 30 days and have gotten a lot done in that time - the goal is to have a soft opening for Headies on February 1st.

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