Being in a new town can be kind of a rough start if you're alone. I've moved all around this great country, so I can relate. If you're new to Missoula, and having trouble making friends, try these places.

I've given transplants a bit of a hard time over the past year. Looking back on all the moving that I did, and how accepting and nice (most) people were to me, I figure I would return the favor to you new Missoulians. If you're having trouble meeting new people, there is definitely no shortage of places or opportunities. One of these is bound to connect you with some cool locals this Summer.

The River

It's officially open! Well, it's always open, but usually ice cold. You've been seeing the river slowly fill up with people floating, or just enjoying the sun on the beach (yes, the rocks and dirt is what we call a "beach" here) you need to get out and give it a whirl! Even if you're by yourself, hooking up with a cool group of floaters is pretty easy and everyone is usually pretty chill and inviting.

The Farmers Market

If you're not really into drinking or nightlife, this Farmers Market is perfect to meet new friends. Missoulians from all walks of life abound in downtown looking for a good breakfast burrito, flowers, organic produce, or even just out enjoying the weather. Check out the site for vendor information and schedules. 


The Hiking Trails

We definitely have no shortage of great hiking trails. This one might be more of a niche area for outdoor people, but luckily there are all experience-level trails around town. From Waterworks to the L, you're bound to run into some friendly locals!


Caras Park Events

Caras Park downtown is filled with events all Summer. We've got concerts, beer fests, food fests, and more. Almost daily there is something going on, and even if there is not, it's always full of locals and tourists alike watching the surfers and kayakers and Brennans Wave.


Paddleheads Games

This is by far my favorite place to chill during the Missoula Summer. As a huge baseball nerd, striking up a conversation with some locals is bound to happen. It's incredibly family friendly and welcoming. Check out the schedule to grab yourself an upcoming ticket. 

Missoulians and Montanan's, in general, can be closed off to outsiders, but we're quick to warm up and be friendly and welcoming. Give one of the places listed above a whirl, and you're bound to make some new friends.

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