The governor had a message as we tackled the coronavirus pandemic head-on - DON'T VISIT MONTANA IF YOU DON'T HAVE TO. It would be a pretty crazy statement if it wasn't for the crazy times we're currently navigating. Of course, under normal circumstances we would welcome the tourism, and the money that comes with it. But, social distancing measures made us reassess everything we know as normal.

We might be at the point where we're about to reopen businesses, services and more.......but that doesn't mean we're rolling out the red carpet for everyone to make their way to Montana.

The Montana Department of Commerce released a new video today that tells travelers the beauty of the state will still be here when the time is right - but there's no reason to rush and visit.

Man! Fishing, hiking, mountains, have to admit we live in a beautiful place. The video preaches the message that the Montana moments are worth the wait. It ends by asking "what will your #MontanaMoment be?"

“Now is not the time to welcome visitors back to Montana, but when the time is right we want visitors to keep us in mind.” "There’s no better way to inspire future visitors than by showing off all Montana has to offer.” - Montana Department of Commerce Director Tara Rice said

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