The final act of WandaVision begins tomorrow, with the premiere of Episode 6 of the show’s nine episode season. Reaction to the first few episodes was a little muted, but by the time the show began revealing the layers of mysteries beneath its superhero sitcom reality, fan anticipation had begun to build. (We see your tweets and comments on our YouTube videos. We see them.)

Speculation is only going to grow after this new featurette from Marvel, which includes clips from the final three episodes. For one thing it shows a glimpse of the false reality of Westview turning into, as Paul Bettany puts it, “an MCU version of the real world.” That includes Wanda and Vision’s neighbor Agnes, played by Kathryn Hahn, waking from whatever sort of collective mind control has been manipulating her and the rest of Westview’s residents, and telling Vision that he’s supposed to be dead.

Watch the video below:

Many fan theories about the secret villain of WandaVision have focused on Agnes. Our own Ryan Arey has suspected for months that Agnes was secretly Agatha Harkness, the Marvel Comics character who served as Wanda Maximoff’s mentor in the ways of magic in the pages of The Avengers. Others have speculated that she or her unseen husband Ralph could be a Marvel villain in disguise, controlling Wanda and using her to further their own evil goals. (The list of suspects I’ve heard mentioned include Mephisto, Nightmare, and Magneto.) This is a very brief clip — and Agatha could be feigning ignorance — but it does look like she’s been duped just like everyone else in town.

We’ll find out soon enough just what Agatha’s secrets are. Episode 6 of WandaVision premieres tomorrow on Disney+.

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