Forget about all this Linsanity stuff, we have a bad case of ‘Jillsanity,’ as in Jill Martin.  She’s the smoking hot sideline reporter for the New York Knicks. 

Besides Jeremy Lin, Jill Martin is the other reason that you need to tune in for the New York Knicks broadcast.  Jill also happens to be the fashion correspondent for the ‘Today Show’, so it’s no wonder she knows how to dress to impress.  She doesn’t look half bad in that bikini either.

Jill does a segment with the Knicks on the MSG network called ‘Celebrity Row,’ where she interviews the plethora of celebs that are out watching the Knicks play.  She recently did an interview with former boxing champ and pigeon master Mike Tyson.  Tyson was, well, being Tyson and Jill handled his craziness like a pro.  Plus she was just so adorable the whole time. That friends, is why we are crushing on her.


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