The more live music venues in Montana, the better! A new one has opened in Great Falls and they're booking some pretty good shows.

According to their website, The Newberry was opened by five Great Falls locals with a passion for the community and the downtown scene who wanted to creat a space to host entertainment events of all genres. The venue includes a full bar, and knowing how tough it is to obtain a liquor license in Montana, that's a pretty big feat on it's own. They've also got a lounge, hall, and stage.

Their main hall has a "state-of-the-art" sound system, lighting, and projection for music, comedy, and theater shows. They are also open to booking fundraisers, community events, and receptions. The standing capacity on the main floor is over 1,000 and there's an upper mezzanine that will hold an additonal 150 for prime viewing at concerts.

When they say all genres they seem to mean it as the options for interests include rock, country, comedy, hip-hop, indie, metal, and classical when you sign up for their newsletter. Oh, and get this, the actual address is 420 Central Avenue, nice! If you're not familiar with the area, that's prime downtown space with a parking garage about a block away.

From what I can tell by the photos, the venue looks amazing, I sincerely can't wait to check it out! Upcoming shows include comedian Rob Schneider tonight, 90's Night on Saturday, February 12th with Tone Loc, C&C Music Factory, Tag Team, and 2 Live Crew, and Quiet Riot on Sunday, February 20th. So they're booking some solid shows, keep up with them here.

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