Oh Howards chicken strips, how I miss thee. Let me count the ways. The days of great Howards pizza and chicken is no more in Missoula, but what business is taking over their old location?

We've been seeing the business landscape in Missoula change like never before. It seems, almost daily, one place will close and another will open in its space immediately. 

One that recently closed that hit home for many was Howards Pizza. A longtime "comfort food" joint that was sort of a best-kept secret in Missoula. It's like they had the same menu items as everyone else, but somehow literally injected a bit of love into each dish. The staff was always great, and the place just had a "Missoula" feel, ya know?

So who is taking over the famous red building off of South Avenue?

As it turns out it's an already established business that is moving its location a bit closer to its customers. Fisher's Technology, an office technology solution, and supply group, is packing up its Stockyard Road office and moving.

Rockstar Radio
Rockstar Radio

I spoke with the very informative and polite Missoula Fishers general manager, Shannon Sanden, and she gave us the low down. The Missoula Fisher's location has been around since 2019, and just recently acquired Alter Enterprise. She explained the transition to the new South Avenue location has been going smoothly, however, they are still getting a few people walking in asking for a large pizza now and again.

While I can't help you with your Howards food craving, at least now you know where to find new IT and office technology solutions here in Missoula. Welcome, Fisher's to your new home!

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