The Roaring Lion Fire is quickly becoming caged. According to Fire Information Officer Mike Cole, containment is now at 50 percent and the fire is currently up to 8,274 acres.

After weeks of combating the Roaring Lion Fire, the type one incident management team led by Greg Poncin will soon be taking a few days off.

"In late evening tomorrow, [August 10], we are going to transfer to what we call a type three incident management team, which is a smaller command organization,"said Cole. "As the crews and equipment are reduced, they'll be able to manage that fire pretty easily. There's still a lot of work to be done up in the Camas Creek area, if this fire is going to come back to life later this summer, that is one of the more likely places it will try to climb out of."

Cole says the crew will get a few days off and then go "back on the board" to be available for the next big fire that breaks out in the United States. In the meantime, they are keeping  a watchful eye out after a series of rain and thunderstorms rolled through the valley, apparently bypassing the fire.

"It was kind of surprising, there was a real mix of storms, and they were pretty scattered. Some places got no moisture, like over the fire, and other places got hail and lightning and everything else. Since Friday, this region has probably been hit with five, to six thousand lightning strikes."

Even though the type one incident management team is leaving, the fire will still be around for a while; it is expected to skunk around until the snow falls.

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