It happens every year. You have heard people say the phrase "no shave November" before. Throw out the razors and let it grow. No shave November has always been a ritual for me. Mainly because nothing is more bitchin than a good "Huntin Beard". But whether you hunt or not take advice from Less than Jake "The kids that are hip/ they grow hair on their lip/ they throw down their razors/ and dont give a s#!t/ they grow and grow and grow/ so let your mustache show".

In a recent interview with Revolver magazine, Scott Ian of Anthrax and Zak Wylde of BLS argued over who had the most bitchin beard in the world of metal. Even though Scott's facial hair is more of a goatee than a beard, he admits that Zak takes the win. Zak described his beard as “Jewish” and Ian’s goatee as “Irish Catholic” though Scott is actually Jewish.