Halloween is a big deal in Missoula. And if you haven't stopped by our local Arts and Community center lately, you could miss out on this spooky season.

The ZACC (Zootown Arts and Community Center) is really getting into the Halloween spirit this year. Located at 216 W Main Street in Missoula, the ZACC is a non-profit arts center that supports the works of both local and regional artists, musicians, and more. It's a safe space for artists to perform, learn and collaborate. It has quickly become a hub for all events in Missoula, and Halloween is no different. Check out some of their up-and-coming Halloween events. There is a little something for everyone.

  • Haunted Squares: Friday, October 20th. A spin-off of the classic "Hollywood Squares" with local celebrities and comedians.
  • Goth Ball: Saturday, October 21st. This event is a big hit. From the costumes to the makeup and DJs, this is about as Halloween as it gets.
  • Disco Hammer, Intice, and I Imaging Murder: Wednesday, October 25th. If you haven't guessed, yes these are some of Missoula's most awesome metal bands, and they are ready to scare your face off with some mind-melting riffs.
  • Nightmare On Main Street: This event is jam-packed with a costume contest, drag show, lip sync battle, and more!
  • Rocktober Vol. 3: It's exactly what it sounds like. Some of your favorite Missoula rock artists form a "supergroup" to cover hits from the '80s and '90s, Nu Metal, Classic Heavy Metal, and more.

It's time to try something different this Halloween, Missoula. I think it's pretty rad that we have this community center that has a little something for everyone. Instead of spending your hard-earned money on the same lame party this year, think about attending one of these events and support your local community arts and music movement.

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