The Clark Fork river reached its flood stage on Wednesday night at 7.5 feet, according to meteorologist Brian Conlin with the National Weather Service, who spoke to KGVO news at about 3:30 Thursday morning.

“We have a flood warning that will remain in effect until it’s rescinded for the Clark Fork River above Missoula,” said Conlin. “We’re expecting minor flooding, so from this evening until further notice the flood stage is at 7.5 feet, and we did reach that stage this evening.

Conlin provided more information about which areas the flood waters will affect.

“The river is expected to rise above stage late Thursday night, and continue rising to a crest of about eight and a half feet by Saturday morning,” he said. “The impact is at seven and a half feet we’ll have flooding in low lying areas adjacent to the river, and flood waters will begin to flood streets in the Orchard Homes area including Tower Street and Kehrwald Drive.”

Residents in the area are encouraged not to drive or walk through standing water, and that sand and sandbags are available free of charge at Fort Missoula.


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