I thought we had tried pretty hard to keep some of the more obnoxious "Social Media Creators" out of Montana, but I guess we didn't do a good enough job. Don't get me wrong some people here in Montana are creating some pretty good content. For example some TikTokers are creating some pretty funny content trying to warn Yellowstone fans about how cold it is in Montana.

It Is Not All Positive

Not all of the content is for everyone. Just recently a "creator" was seen creating "content" that may be considered by some to be questionable. Yes, she was showing Big Sky Resort and all the skiers and boarders on the mountain her behind (video below, you've been warned).


It is one thing to create this kind of content in your home, or your yard, if that is your thing. It is another to create this kind of content on a public ski resort during the day in Montana. As you can see in the video, there are people around as this person is trying to be a star.

I Am Too Old For This

There is a lot money that can be made from being a "Social Media" star. Some people will go to great lengths to try to go viral as they chase the fortune and fame. I think I may be a bit old to try my hand at becoming a "Social Media Star". I am also glad that "Social Media" wasn't a thing when I was growing up in Montana. Knowing my luck I probably would have gone viral, but it would have been for all the wrong reasons.

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