What a night! I honestly didn't know what to expect from this show, and I think that was the best mindset to arrive with. So much happened there that I better try to follow a timeline.

First of all, Wilson was amazing!  Missoula was one of the smaller shows on the tour but they didn't let that stop them from showing us a good time. Between using beer bottles for extra percussion and running through the crowd with a huge marching band drum, their frontman would come out and have people sing with him when they covered AC/DC. They will be touring around again soon (hopefully back through Missoula!).

Other than knowing that F$@kface  Unstoppable was Bam Margera with a few guys from CKY, I knew absolutely nothing about Bam's new endeavor. Holy crap! I had seen a music video for F-face but live was a completely different story. There was never a dull moment. Novak busted out some Phil Collins, I saw a naked Australian, and they did some awesome covers. I was even brought up on stage while F-face covered Blood Hound Gang's The Ballad of Chasey Lain.  I should have seen this coming, but either way, I chickened out. All I heard was "Now show me them ti..." and when I looked around I realized half of the girls on stage had their tops off... Nope! I'm out.

After the show, the shenanigans continued. There was one fan there that the whole reason for coming was to have Bam staple his hand to the wall, which did happen! There were also not one, but two Zach Galifianakis look-a-likes who were following the tour till they had to do their own show in Vegas. I was able to snag a pic with Bam and Matty of CKY and spent the remainder of the night B.S.ing with an Icelandic roadie.  If F-face ever makes their way back, I'm definitely going for round two.