You may have already heard that Neo-Nazis are looking to march in Whitefish this month. The march is part of a protest from white nationalist, Richard Spencer, who's mother lives in Whitefish. The website "Daily Stormer" has threatened a neo-nazi march on the small resort town on January 16th. It is not clear if the march will actually happen, but local law enforcement is prepared.

Residents of northwest Montana are also preparing for the march, as well as doing everything they can to stop it. A group called "Opposing the Storm," is aiming to shut the march down.

According to there Facebook page

Stand against the Daily Stormer, their Nazi ideals, and their harassment of Montanans. This sort of thing doesn't belong here. Let's stand in the way and BLOCK their march through Whitefish. Please leave your guns at home. If someone fires a shot, it needs to be certain that it did not come from us. **MORE INFO, LOCATION, DATE AND TIME WILL BE POSTED AS INFO BECOMES AVAILABLE** please note this will only happen if they follow through with their plan to host their protest. This is not an actual event. It's a gathering place for those who wish to oppose theirs in the event it happens.


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