I have never been a cat guy. I have lived with cats, on multiple occasions. And just never got the same vibe from cats as I do from having a dog as a pet. They always seem to be judging me in some fashion. Which you get enough of all day, let alone at home. Not to mention the litterbox. It is safe to say Im not much of a cat guy. But, never would I wish this kind of harm on a poor kitty.

According to Rumble.com

"My dog, Keisha and I were driving around taking pictures of wildlife when I saw this Eagle sitting on the ground. He was arguing with two black birds. I decided to take a picture of him. This would be the first picture of an Eagle that I take. As I started driving closer to him he wasn't moving. So I decided to take a video of him . I thought him taking off in flight would make a great video. I was shocked. Did not see that coming. My dog and I just sat there like, what did we just see?"

Little did they know before the Eagle finally took flight. The raptor was carrying a dead house cat. Granted in could have been a stray. Or maybe the eagle had already attempted to choke down the cat's collar. But, the video is crazy to say the least.

There have been videos and eyewitness accounts of eagles and even owls attempting to take down things as big as deer, and even children. Even here in Montana we have heard of stories where some lady's "purse puppy" got loose and was picked up by an eagle. Terrifying stuff whether you are a cat person, dog person or neither.

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