It has to be one of the collaborations of the year, and from the moment that Papa Roach landed In This Moment's Maria Brink for their song "Gravity," most fans were wondering if they might tour together and perform the powerhouse song onstage.

That finally came to fruition this fall when In This Moment served as primary support to Papa Roach on the band's co-headlining trek with Five Finger Death Punch. After performing her set with In This Moment, Brink became a regular contributor to Papa Roach's shows, re-creating her vocals from "Gravity" opposite Jacoby Shaddix. While that tour is now over, Papa Roach are giving those who didn't catch the shows a chance to see what the collaboration looked like onstage. The video above is a mixture of Brink's many performances with the band during the one.

Shaddix told Loudwire about "Gravity," "That’s a raw nerve, man. I always want to put myself out there in the music and this song does that just more so than really ever. It doesn’t necessarily paint me in the best picture as far as the cliché rock guy gives himself to the rock and roll excesses story. But we went through that in our relationship. I failed as a husband, as a father, as a lover, as a friend to her and I just wanted to write a song about that brokenness and how somehow she sees something in me that I didn’t see in myself at times."

As for Brink's guest appearance on the song, bassist Tobin Esperance added, "Maria just worked out great. She has such a rad raw chick voice and she really got to do something. I feel like she did something different on this song. It was a different song for us too.”

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