It is safe to say that a lot of us have been on the edge of our seats, since the news of a lawsuit between Pabst Brewing and their producer/distributor MillerCoors. The two companies have been in court for nearly a month now, and were expected to have a ruling by the first of December. Well, I am STOKED to announce that MillerCoors has presented a settlement to Pabst, and the notorious PBR will live on.

According to the Associated Press

The settlement came as jurors were ending their second day of deliberations after a two-week trial in Milwaukee County Circuit Court. Details of the settlement were not disclosed.

“We have reached an amicable settlement in the case and are pleased to resolve all outstanding issues with Pabst,” MillerCoors LLC said in a statement.

In a separate statement, Pabst said it “will continue to offer Pabst Blue Ribbon and the rest of our authentic, great tasting and affordable brews to all Americans for many, many years to come.”

But, how long is "many years to come?"

MillerCoors’ attorneys said at trial the company was obligated to project its future capacity to determine whether it could continue its partnership with Pabst, and that it always intended to keep brewing for Pabst until the expiration of the contract, which included a two-year wind-down provision. That meant MillerCoors would still brew for Pabst through 2022.

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