Pearl Jam closed out the second night of the Isle of Wight Festival this past weekend, giving fans plenty of material with their two-hour set. The grunge icons dug through their archives and paid tribute to the late Clash singer Joe Strummer.

The rain-soaked night didn’t put a damper on the high spirits that Pearl Jam and festival goers were in. The band even did a cover of the Beatles ‘Rain’ in defiance of the weather. On a more serious note, Eddie Vedder and company decided to honor Strummer with a cover of Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros’ ‘Arms Aloft.’

“He would have loved this place,” Vedder told the audience. “We were thinking about it on the way here, and sad to say, it’ll be almost 10 years in December he’s not been with us.” Strummer died unexpectedly from an unknown congenital heart defect December 22, 2002 at the age of 50.

As NME reports, Pearl Jam opened their set with ‘Unthought Known’ off their 2009 album, ‘Backspacer.’ Other tracks that made it to their setlist include ‘Last Exit’ from 1994′s ‘Vitalogy,’ the ‘Backspacer’ song ‘The Fixer,’ and of course hits like ‘Alive,’ ‘Even Flow,’ and ‘Jeremy,’ from their classic 1992 disc, ‘Ten.’ When Vedder was introducing ‘Just Breathe,’ he shared his admiration for Willie Nelson’s recent cover of the tune.

“Willie Nelson covered this song recently, and it was quite an honor,” Vedder humbly stated. “But every time I play it now, I can’t help it, like, all I can hear is his voice. He sings it better than I do.”